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What we are looking for:

Dreaming and loving technology - two traits we value. You want to shape the world and so do we. We are looking for interesting and talented people.

If you are passionate and take immense pride in your work, we want to meet you.

If you are a team player as well as have the ability to independently figure it out, we want to meet you.

If you believe that experience is the best teacher, we want to meet you.

If you strongly believe you can change the world then we definitely want to meet you.

Send us a page about yourself and your work to careers@addsale.com

Applications on behalf of the applicant will not be entertained.

We are looking for:
Internships; Part Time/Freelance; Permanent/Full Time Positions

Front End Engineers/Hackers/Developers


  • -Design, rapidly prototype, and implement scalable, reliable, and maintainable web applications using HTML5 technologies
  • -Enforce code quality through test driven development
  • -Collaborate closely with engineering, product, and marketing teams to define product requirements
  • -Distill product requirements into design and technical specifications
  • -Aggressively collect, analyze, and act on data about product performance

  • -Experience and/or interested in building compelling web applications
  • -Strong interest in product design and building irresistible user interfaces
  • -Experience and/or interested in PHP, JavaScript and CSS
  • -Experience and/or interested in developing web technologies using HTML5
  • -Candidates from pedigreed institutes will be preferred

Back End Engineers/Hackers/Developers

  • - Develop reusable tools for the management and manipulation of databases
  • - Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of data collection, storage, and retrieval processes
  • - Interface with other teams to incorporate their innovations and vice versa
  • - Construct creative solutions for data analysis tasks
  • - Optimize our infrastructure at both the software and hardware level

  • - Experience and/or interested in working with large data stores
  • - Understanding and/or interested in understanding of storage appliance and storage software internals
  • - Experience and /or interest in developing and debugging in C/C++ or Java on *nix
  • - Experience and/or interested in developing with Django, Python, Ruby, or PHP
  • - Experience and/or interested in filesystems, concurrency, multithreading, server architectures, and distributed systems
  • - Candidates from pedigreed institutes will be preferred

UI/UX Designer


  • - Run UI design related projects successfully, in coordination with other team and project members
  • - Design and conduct user research at customer and partner field locations
  • - Design the information architecture of a software component
  • - Interaction design, including definition of UI patterns (interaction behavior and UI controls)
  • - Validating design prototypes

  • - Proven Interaction design skills
  • - Strong experience in translating user data and human-factors principles into UI designs via prototypes, and detailed UI reviews/ specifications
  • - Experience with developing user profiles, use cases, and scenarios. Must have experience in conducting task analyses, field studies, formal UI reviews, usability tests, and survey
  • - Theoretical and practical knowledge of user research methodologies
  • - Formal Education in Human factors, Computer Human Interaction, or related courses
  • - Experience with new generation UI technologies and platforms (HTML5, iOS, Android… etc)
  • - Candidates from pedigreed institutes will be preferred

Creative Writers

  • - Write and edit original content, feature articles and newsletters on a variety of topics relating to retail for inclusion in the website and other online communication vehicles
  • - Organize and refresh website content
  • - Participate in cross-functional team meetings to proactively analyze content needs
  • - Create and maintain corporate marketing material
  • - Keep current on trends in retail and the use of technology in the retail industry
  • - Create and curate content for addSale’s facebook and twitter pages

  • - Prior writing experience preferred, but not required
  • - The strongest applicants will be creative, outgoing, highly-motivated and passionate about working for a start-up
  • - Ability to learn quickly and adapt
  • - Excellent attention to detail and proofreading skills to ensure accurate, error-free work
  • - Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and take critiques as needed
  • - Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills and a strong desire to learn and grow, both professionally and personally
  • - Candidates from pedigreed institutes will be preferred

None of the Above

Still want to join us? A coffee can go a long way in starting a conversation