We are looking for visionary retailers to partner with for an addSale pilot. If you are interested, do write to us at talk@addsale.com

Why addSale?

Shoppers once relied on a familiar salesperson – such as a proprietor of their neighborhood store – to help them find just what they wanted. Drawing on what he knew or could quickly deduce about the customer, he would locate the perfect product, and, often, suggest additional items the customer hadn’t even thought of. Today’s distracted customers, bombarded with information and options, often struggle to find the products or services that will best meet their needs. The shorthanded and often poorly informed floor staff at many retailing sites can’t begin to replicate the personal touch that shoppers once depended on – and consumers are still largely on their own when they shop online.

addSale is a platform that enables retailers to become more customer centric in the way they create, package and provide a shopping experience. addSale supplements the retailer’s current offerings by opening up a new and smart method to deepen its customer engagement. It complements sales representatives that form the backbone of a service offering and also doubles up as a go-to-system for customers exploring stores.

Team AddSale

addSale has been co-founded by a couple of IIT Bombay graduates, H & F, who have worked with a global analytics consulting company, serving clients in retail, auto, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

H was the head of IIT Bombay's Entrepreneurship Cell, and has earlier co-founded and raised funding for Nova Global, headquartered in Philadelphia, USA. Nova Global was named as one of the top 100 student start-ups in the world by the New York Stock Exchange in April 2010.

F was the captain of the institute's gold winning basketball team, authored a book on Structural Engineering, and a core team member of the institute's TechFest. In January 2007, F created an institute calendar with 12 IIT Bombay girls, and has earlier co-founded Mumbai Unmute, a photo-message blog.